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Welcome to the KeylessRide Business Portal

Here you'll find everything you need to advance your keyless entry remote business. Please log-in to access the full features of our site. If you don't have your log-in information, click here to register for instant access. Have any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us toll free at 877.619.3136, M-F 8:30 to 5:30 CST. International businesses can contact us at 512.864.3495.

Hotwire Programmer
KeylessRide introduces the Hotwire Programmer. Program GM and Hyundai/KIA remotes without the expensive Tech-2 and Hi-Scan tools. The hardware connects directly to your laptop via USB and to the vehicle via the OBDII port. Program remotes with our easy to use and updateable software.

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KRazy Deals!!!!!!
Limited-time special offers on remotes and keys available on a first-come, first-serve basis! Hurry before they're gone!
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Cutting Machines

3D Pro Xtreme (PN: 1455)

Moves linearly on the x, y, & z axes w/o belts
Cuts standard, high-security, & Tibbe keys
Fully decodes high-security keys
Automatic self-calibration capabilities
Capable of making half cuts for decoding
Requires Windows PC for operation
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Miracle A5 (PN: 1440)

The Miracle A5 by Red Technology, is an all-in-one key cutting machine with the ability to cut standard and high security automotive keys. The A5 operates stand-alone, with a PC, or with state-of-the-art mobile devices (i.e. PDA's, smart phones, etc.). It is the perfect machine for a locksmith on the go.
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Miracle A9 (PN: 1490)

Get the Miracle A9 by Red technology here at KeylessRide. Equipped with a new 7-inch touch screen- navigate through the Miracle A9’s vehicle database with ease. Upgraded to a high power 27W DC motor with durable twin spindle belts. Built-in decoder and key reading capabilities, this all-in-one key cutting machine will suite all your automotive locksmith needs. Order one today.
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Keyless Entry Battery Station
Attractive and compact clear acrylic counter-top display great for those who sell keyless entry remotes.

·48 Batteries, 8 different sizes (2032,2016,2025,23A,1632,1616,1620,A27), qty. 6 each
·Quick Instructions
·Remote Tester
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K2 Forge
Universal Automotive Remote Retail System. Internet Connection Required. Generates new rolling code remotes from scratch! Makes new replacement remotes for original equipment systems, for up to 2 different vehicles! Stock only 1 remote model to cover over millions of vehicles!
Easy to use select year/make/model using the PC-software interface to 'Forge' an OEM-compatible remote
Flip Mode program one remote to control two separate vehicles
Reduce Inventory Costs one SKU vs. hundreds of OEM remotes reduces costs and increases margins
Uniform Pricing affordable remote prices combined with variable software pricing based on remote models. Suggested K2 remote pricing guide included.
Ready-to-go Starter Package includes:
     -K2 programming base and software
     -initial supply of remotes & keypad assortments
     -vehicle application guide
     -marketing kit
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KeylessRide's vbox
VATS reader & scanner & 3x10 OBP transponder key programmer
FULLY AUTOMATED! 'Set it and forget it'
• Average SCAN TIME projected at 10-12 minutes for VATS key value
AUTOMATED 3x10min. on-board transponder programming for PK3, PK3+, CIRCLE+ KEYS
READs values by inserting VATS keys into the vbox
TESTs whether the ignition wiring circuit is good or bad
     -vbox unit
     -instruction manual on CD-ROM
     -spare battery, extra fuses
     -metal key blanks
No longer available for purchase

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